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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA not soap!

It is horrid, just horrid. Arly turned on her Flickr page today and gasped! Somebody had made her picture all black, like they spray painted my face. My blue cheeks almost turned purple because I got so mad for her but Arly calmed me down and started talking about soap. I looked up at her and shook my pretty bald head because how did we go from seeing blacked out pictures to talking about soap? Maybe Arly was going to wash it off? She looked down at me and chuckled, then explained it's not about soap, it's about something called SOPA/PIPA. 

Arly took me to look at a few websites and told me about the problems with people stealing images from other folks, which they should be ashamed of themselves, and then she explained about the effort to stop that and how complicated it all is. Pretty much it was more than my little head could figure out but what I did know was as much as I didn't want folks stealing my pictures, I really wouldn't want the suits deciding to spray paint my face digitally either....that would be like going back and being buried in the dirt all over again. 
Arly went to the Google page where she signed a petition and I wanted to sign it too. She said they wouldn't take to kindly to a doll having an opinion, but she would sign it in honor of me not wanting to be blacked out by anybody. That made me happy, that someone would stand up for me even though I am just little old Found Baby. 
I really do miss the days back with Angel Face, they seemed so much simpler. I worry a lot about this great big world now, it seems so much more a mess than way back when, but what do I know, I am just a doll right? 

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